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UK Parrot Breeders

Welcome to the UK Parrot Breeders' Directory which is designed to help potential purchasers find breeders of the particular species of parrot they require. Please remember that if you are buying a hand-reared baby parrot, it involves a great deal of commitment. The larger species should live for at least 30 years. Any respectable breeder should provide you with detailed instructions regarding the care of the parrot and a receipt. If the parrot is rung, make sure that the ring number is on the receipt.

Those breeders who have a star* next to them are those who allow the parent birds to incubate the eggs and partially rear the young. Some of the people listed below only produce parent-reared birds. It is believed that, in some cases such as Poicephalus, parent-reared youngsters are far more likely to breed successfully than hand-reared birds.

The Breeders' Directory was set up to help UK breeders sell their young and to help prospective buyers. I would like to think that any of these people will be willing to give you honest advice and good service.

As pets, parent-reared parrots such as Greys can be just as successful as hand-reared babies and, because they are not so obsessively fixed on humans, may not develop some of the behaviour problems which, sadly, seem to occur relatively frequently. Of course they may be less friendly to begin with but this can soon be overcome.

If you would like to be added to the Breeders' Directory, please e-mail me with the details.

Parrot Species

Breeder Details & Location


Hand Reared Congo African Greys ~ Kent

Babies hand reared from when eldest in the clutch is 18 days of age. Close rung, Health certificate, Hatch Certificate.  All babies are trained on harness and 'step up'.  Raised in active living room with other animals and young children including everyday house hold activates.


Contact Cassi on 0774 705 41 66 or



Breeder of green wing macaws, African greys, Senegal's. All hand reared in the family home, to include hatch cert, care sheet, and sexing if required


email: Mairi Johnson


Hand reared Congo African greys, Cockatiels, budgies, Red rump parakeets, finches, canaries and lovebirds

Contact Tel - 01634 571308

Hand reared adorably tame-Congo African Greys, Senagal Parrots(yellow+orange bellied). Celestial, Spectacled and Green rump parrotlets. All Parrots are Hand reared.

Diamond Doves ( Various mutations)

Tel:01633 667609

       Tracy-Ann Griffiths           Newport S.Wales


Breeders of Greencheek Conure mutations. Yellowside Cinnamon, Blues, Pineapples, Cinnamon blues and Blue yellowsides. Hand reared and Breeding (including splits) birds available. Based in Nth Notts. your inquiry welcomed . Alan & Debbie

Breeder of African Greys, Indian Ringnecks, Amazons, Derbyans and Red Bellied Macaws.  All babies are hand reared and fed by spoon in the home along with our pet dogs and cats and are loved and played with regularly. They come with a hatch certificate, food and lifetime help and guidance where possible.

West Midlands


Blue Fronted Amazons - African Greys and Eclectus Vosmaeri.

All birds are English bred,fully-weaned hand-reared babies, completely tame, PSUK close-ringed, DNA sexed, and come with a PSUK hatch certificate and diet-sheet.

Telephone on

07764 952008 or email


African Greys - Blue Fronted Amazons - Blue Ringnecks (cocks) - Senegals / Meyers / Brown-headed parrots - Jendaya / Sun / Blue Crowned conures (Aratinga) - Green-Cheeked / Maroon Bellied / Pearly Conures (Pyrrhura) - Blue Quakers - Cockatiels (all colours incl. whitefaced mutation).

Our babies are hand-reared, all our birds are C/R and come with Hatch Certificate and Info/Diet Sheet and as much advice as is required!



African Greys - Umbrella Cockatoos - Grand Eclectus - Blue/Gold Macaws - Green Wing Macaws


Blue and Gold macaws - Hahns Macaws - African Greys - Timneh Greys and Sun

Based in Scotland but travel down to England on business so we can meet up with prospective purchasers

Patagonian - Nanday - Blue Crowned - Red Masked - White Eyed and Mitred Conures. We also breed Congo African Greys, Kakirkis and Cockatiels.

All Closed rung, hand-reared, cuddly tame, well socialised, used to other animals (birds, dogs etc) hatch certificate, diet sheet and 24hr back up, we would also have any birds back should circumstances change in any owners lives.

Fife, Scotland

I breed and hand rear the following species:

African Greys - Amazons (various) - Blue & Gold Macaws - Green Wing Macaws - Hahns Macaws - Black Headed Caiques - Conures ( Sun, Patagonian, Maroon Bellied ) -Moluccan Cockatoos - GalahsI do supply a birth certificate with the babies

I am located on the Worcestershire / Herefordshire borders.

Cockatoos - African Greys - Macaws - Sun Conures. Usually only parent reared youngsters available


web site:

I have for sale 2 Albino and 1 Green Ringnecks & 2 Moustarch's These are all Aviary Birds. Also several aviary cockatiels of most colours. I am hand rearing cockatiels all during the breeding season, and have 2 being reared at present. I also have a Green cheeked conure now being weaned which is for sale.

Also Holiday boarding and rehoming.

Telephone 01728 861096


Maximillian Pionus, Green Cheeked Conures, Blue Crowned Conures, Cockatiels.

All birds are hand reared, closed rung, bred by myself and silly tame. Hatching certificates and lifetime support provided

Telephone 01953 451310


Breeder of African grey parrots and Blue and gold macaws. All birds are fully weaned and come with advice sheet.


My name is Raymond Day. I have kept and bred various species of parrot for many years and have specialised in African Grey's for the last ten years and now have quite a large collection.

My African Greys are fully weaned, hand reared, close rung baby and comes with aftercare advice, a hatch certificate, and a range of contact numbers should you ever need any advice in the future

07712 936138

E-Mail:african grey

I can deliver in and around South Yorkshire. When buying any type of parrot I would strongly advise people to find a suitable breeder in preference to a pet shop. The birds exposure to disease is much reduced in a closed collection as opposed to a shop that is continually buying in new stock from a multitude of different sources.

African Greys & Cockatiels all babies hand reared / close rung. All parents fed on Harrison's High Potency Pellets. Babies are gentle & loving. All Greys fully blood tested & sexed.

Telephone calls welcome on
01257 410593
(Sorry but anonomous calls barred)


Location: Lancashire

We breed & hand rear the following species
African Greys - Jardines
Blue Headed Pionus
Meyers - Senegals

All babies are close rung & come with information sheets & hatch certificates

Telephone : 07866 29576

Heather and Hughie


Location: Shropshire

We breed Hahns Macaws -
Black Headed Caiques - Quakers Senegals - Maroon Bellied Conures Kakariki and Celestial Parrotlets

All birds come with hatch certificate and diet sheet and are all hand reared and harness trained

Email : Ade Evans

Location: West Midlands

African Grey - Galah - Senegal Parrot & Hahn's Macaw babies for sale.

All our parrot babies are hand reared and closed-rung. They are cuddly tame, well socialised & are sold with a hatch certificate as well as diet and species information. All our babies are weaned onto a varied, high quality diet.

E-mail us

or visit:

Location: Essex Area

I breed Red & Green macaws and African Greys (and when they start to breed), Greater Vasa’s and Black-headed Caiques will be added.

All birds that I sell are DNA sexed and micro-chipped.


or visit  -

Mobile: 07813 024688

Location:West Yorkshire

African Greys

We are a small private breeder of african greys. All babies are hand reared in the home after 2 weeks in the nest. They are cuddly tame and closed-rung. All babies are sold with a hatch certificate


Phone: 01843 846076


We breed masked lovebirds of all colours including albinos, lutinos and splits. All our birds are aviary bred, happy healthy birds. We also breed blackcheeked lovebirds, birds sometimes available for sale.


Phone: 0161 797 4400

Location: Greater Manchester

I am a small breeder, breeding African Greys and Hahn's Macaws, All babies are Parrot society rung, hand reared, hand tame. Can deliver within reason.

E-Mail address is




Amazon - Orange-winged *
DR. 0114 242 3332* (Yorks) (Italy)
Amazon - Blue-fronted * * (Cornwall) *(Worcs) * (Worcs) (Devon) (Italy)
Amazon - Yellow-crowned * (S Yorks) (Devon) * (Wales)
Amazon -Double Yellow Head (Italy)
Amazon - Yellow-naped (Italy)
Amazon - Red-lored
Amazon - Mealy
Amazon - White-fronted (Devon) (Italy)
Macaw - Blue and Gold * (Wales) (Rhode Island, USA) *(Worcs) (Italy)
Macaw - Hahns * * *(Worcs) (W.Midlands) * (Yorks)
01226711550 Fax 01226712809 Essex
Macaw - Greenwing *(Worcs) (N.Yorks) (Italy)
Macaw - Scarlet Howard. 01763 848319 (Herts) (Italy)
Macaw - Chestnut-fronted (severe)
Macaw - Red-bellied
Macaw - Caninde (Italy)
Macaw - Military
African Grey * (West Wales) *(Notts) * (Suffolk) * (Teesside) (Worcs) (W.Wales)
01342.892240 (Kent/Sy/Ssx border) * (Norfolk) * (Fife, Scotland) * * (W.Wales) * *
DR. 01142423332 * (South Yorks) * (Cornwall) *(Worcs) (S.Yorks) (Kent) (Essex) (N Yorks) (Devon) (S Wales)
Timneh Grey * *
Senegal * * * * * * (Shrewsbury) (Essex)
Meyers * * *
DR. 01142423332 (Yorks)*
Red-bellied * (S Yorks)
Brown-headed *
DR. 01142423332* (Yorks)
Fuscicollis (Wales)
Pionus - Blue-headed * * *
Pionus - Maximillian
Conures - Red-masked
Conures - Red-fronted
Conures - Green-cheeked * *
Conures - Maroon-bellied* *
Conures - Blue-throated *
Conures - Yellow-sided *
Conures - Jendaya *
Conures - Blue-crowned *
Conures - Patagonian *(Worcs)
Conures - Nanday
Conures - Petz (orge-fronted)
Parrotlets - Celestial *
Cockatoos - Roseate *(Worcs)
Cockatoos - Umbrellas
Cockatoos- Lesser Sulphur Crested *
Cockatoos - Ducorps
Cockatoos - Triton (N Yorks)
Cockatoos - Citron Crested Gerald 01782 866176 (Staffs) * (Italy)
Cockatoos - Mollucan (Italy)
Eclectus - Grand * * (Wales)
J Turner 01473 327918 (Ipswich)
Cockatiels* * * * * (Devon)
White-faced lutino pied
Parrakeets - Quakers (normal green) (Devon) *
Parrakeets -Blue Quakers
Parrakeets -Swifts (W.Wales)
Parrakeets -Moustached
Parrakeets -Rock Pebblars
Parrakeets -GMR
Parrakeets -Alexandrines
Parrakeets -Rosa Bourkes
Parrakeets -Kakarikis
Parrakeets -Ringnecks (Indian) (N Yorks)
Parrakeets - Ringnecks
Lovebirds - Peach-faced (Portsmouth)
Lovebirds -Fischers
Lovebirds -Masked (Portsmouth)



African Greys  Cockatoos  Macaws  Conures  Amazon

Ringnecks  Budgerigar  Lories/Lorikeets Parrotlets

Cockatiels  Caique Quaker/Monk  Eclectus  Lovebirds


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